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Evaluating Mail Providers

Published on: Jan 18, 2017
Reading time: 1 minute

In my quest to leave Bluehost as my web hosting provider, I needed a solution for my email. Uncertain as to whether my next provider would satisfy my email needs, I decided to search for email-only providers. Here are some of my findings...


From what I found, here are some of the services that I liked:

I mostly found through message forums rather than actual marketing info that Zoho supports plus addressing. FastMail is one of the few providers that specifically states support for plus addressing.

Zoho is the cheapest of the bunch for me as my use appears to fall within their free plan. However, they're based in India and I'm not sure how their privacy laws compare.

Many people seem to be happy with FastMail and their per-user pricing makes them a rather expensive for me.

At $2/user/month, Rackspace is the best option for me. However, their minimum 5-user account makes this a $120/year deal. It's also unclear whether they support plus addressing.

For now, if my web host can support my email needs, that's still probably my best option.

What is plus addressing?

See my page on plus addressing and find out why it's so important to me.