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User Deletions and CAPTCHAs

Published on: Jan 21, 2017
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Apologies for the few legitimate users on my server, but I had to make a purge due to too many spam users. I'd originally made use of SI CAPTCHA, but it appears that approach is just far too simple for spambots these days. reCAPTCHA is a popular solution as well but also proved ineffective. So I finally decided to use Google's noCAPTCHA. Hopefully this will work reasonably well. I'm not terribly happy with any of these solutions, but it'll have to do for now...

If you're interested in more details about CAPTCHAs and their impact on UX, User Testing has a good article that also points to a few good solutions out there:

I really like Sweet Captcha's direction. Unfortunately, their Wordpress integration is rather simplistic/naive.