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Web Server Optimization

Published on: Jan 8, 2014
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The following is a jumbled list of things to keep in mind when optimizing websites: HTTP Server Configuration

Free Web Server Performance Scanning Services

  • GTmetrix cleanly shows areas of improvement, grades, and offers detailed suggestions for improvement based on your code.
  • PingDom offers a free slick website performance analysis tool
  • Web Page Test gives a detailed list, waterfall charts, and a nice summary of your server's performance
  • Google Page Speed Insights provides a list of issues and remedies. It also provides a separate performance score for mobile and desktop
  • MXtoolbox will check your server for multiple web/mail/dns issues

Use a fast VPS:

Use a CDN:

Use a fast DNS server:

  • NameCheap is an efficient and popular service that's quite affordable
  • DNS Comparison compares 10 of the more popular managed DNS services
  • DNS Reviews talks about all the various DNS performance issues and provides response time list that's updated daily
  • CloudHarmony has an independent review of some of the top managed DNS providers
  • CatchPoint has a blog talking about some DNS options
  • Amazon Route 53 is a fast and affordable managed DNS solution. Their cheapest offering works out to $1/month.