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“Enough” of an Interpretation

Published on: Jul 14, 2010
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“Enough” of an Interpretation

by Danny Sung

November 23, 2009

The ooze moved.

It grew legs and began to crawl.

Quickly it learned to walk.

It became I.

Walking, running.

There’s competition, it’s a race.

Together the I’s could win.

The I’s built a city.

Bigger, stronger, faster.

Still the I’s race each other.

City race.

The I’s are winning.

The rush is life.

Metropolis Rush.


The I stops to look.

What is this calm?

I’s gather.

What is this beauty?

We see others.

Were they here before?

Distant cousins.

The rush circles.

We see life.


More than I’s.

We are life.

The calm showed us life.

The calm gave us life.

The rush circles.

Trees, animals, mountains, plants,

birds, lakes, crickets.


Did we forget you?

Did we run past you?

We see you now.

We’ll stay with you now.

We won’t forget.

We are together.

The calm is life.

What is this that circles?

It beckons.

This poem was inspired entirely by a dance titled “Enough”, choreographed by Marie de la Palme in the fall of 2009 and performed by some amazing dancers (Lisa Allin, Sarah Banks, Michelle Hicks, Kiera Hornby, Kelly Johnson, Hyoin Jun, David Lee, Fabienne Levenson, Katie Narver, Yunhyoung Oh, Madison Simons, Marina Tesser, Stacey Wiley, Chorong Yang, Charlotte Young). Any semblance to good writing is owed to them. The poor writing, however, is mine alone.

-- © 2009 Danny Sung