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Mac Software for Developers

Published on: Jul 25, 2012
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Here's some great software for developers: (more detail and links to follow) Free

  • MacVim - Vim for Mac
  • Time Tracker - Keep track of how much time you spend on projects
  • Xcode - (duh!)
  • Mac Ports - Great way to get common open source utilities on your Mac
  • Reducticon - Makes it easier to create iOS App Icons
  • XQuartz - Provides an X11 server for your Mac. Useful if you're connecting to Unix/Linux systems.


  • Rapidweaver - One of the simplest ways of creating decently sophisticated static websites on a Mac
  • AppViz 2 - Keep track of your iOS/Mac App sales
  • ColorSchemer Studio - A nice little tool to help you create coherent colors