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iPhone 5 for Fall 2011?

Published on: Jul 25, 2011
Reading time: 1 minute

Rumors are starting to fly around for the next generation iPhone. Apple doesn't release details before a release, and I have no real information here backed up by anything but rumors. But since everyone else is offering their bit, I figured I'd chime in and offer my thoughts.

The iPhone 4 was released just last year. And a CDMA iPhone 4 for the Verizon network was released earlier this year. Apple's so far made some major announcements about iOS5 and has a major update to their desktop operating system, Lion. For these reasons, I find it really doubtful that they'll release an iPhone 5 this year. However, as I said, rumors are flying about. And these rumors are usually started by some fact, often leaked information from various manufacturers. So with that in mind, it may be very likely that "something" is happening this year in the iPhone hardware arena.

If there's going to be any new hardware surrounding the iPhone this year, my guess is that it's going to simply be a respin of the iPhone4 to consolidate the AT&T and Verizon phones and more importantly, offer 4G capabilities. Another possibility is that they're simply releasing an iPhone 4GS as a replacement to the 3GS to provide a less expensive alternative for those wanting to upgrade.

Again, I have no facts to backup any of these claims... Your guess is as good as mine.